Our work consists, fundamentally, of the design of systems for every type of building with the aim of maximising the wellbeing of its users.

We are constantly evolving to be able to offer our clients systems designed with maximum efficiency and sustainability in mind, both financial and environmental.

Our goal is to design systems which fulfil each client's needs so that with the lowest cost possible, the best energy solution can be found for their facilities, while also ensuring optimum performance in the future maintenance and use of the systems.

Sector Spotlight
In this type of systems Mafo Imogep offers the highest level of specialisation and experience, both in sports centres and in the design of indoor swimming pools, where we have been installing innovative systems in temperature and humidity control which in the 1990s already incorporated dehumidification systems based on heat-collecting pumps which are used as free heating systems.

In the case of indoor swimming pools, humidity control is the number one objective and we have learnt that in order to guarantee that the building will not deteriorate quickly air needs to be treated and distributed well so it reaches every part of the pool area.

The years of experience in this field has allowed us to perfect the design of our projects such that our sports buildings combine comfort, complete humidity control and energy efficiency, all while guaranteeing that systems are easy to use and maintain.
For the design of this type of systems we employ elements which are simple, robust and require little maintenance, but which deliver the levels of comfort pupils need. We use steel pipe radiators which are safer for pupils thanks to their rounded edges and also contain a higher volume of water, which allows them to be operated at lower temperature and thus achieves greater efficiency in the distribution of heat.

Electrical and IT systems are designed in such a way as to allow easy extension and relocation of storage tanks and so offer classrooms versatility. This ensures that any future modifications will avoid large expenditure and building works.

Systems installed in educational establishments must be designed to require a minimum amount of maintenance. In the case of mechanical ventilation, new regulations require air filters to be fitted, which our engineers aim to locate in the most accessible places, using the optimal size for lowest maintenance and to achieve good air quality without requiring large air flows.
Systems design for Clinical Buildings has a unique set of requirements in both air treatment and electronic security systems. In this sector we are experienced in the design of Cleanrooms, SAS safety zones for airflow control and operating theatres, among others. This experience has been acquired through the design of a large number of systems for hospitals, medical centres and research labs in both universities and pharmaceutical companies.